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      O Programa Aveiro Digital 2003 - 2006 é co-finaciado pelo FEDER e pelo FSE através do Programa Operacional Sociedade da Informação
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The Aveiro Digital Programme 2003-2006 aims to act as an engine for social, economic and cultural development of the `Ria de Aveiro´ Region.

It delivers on the modernisation of services and the building of competences in the region covered by the Association of Ria Municipalities.

The purpose of this document is to describe the Aveiro Digital Programme Plan, a programme which will drive forward the development of a wide range of projects financed under POSI (The Information Society Operational Programme).

This programme is under the joint management of AAD – The Aveiro Digital Association - and AMRIA – The Association of Ria Municipalities. Project execution basically involves the contracting out of the various projects, selected after a public bid process, put forward by the specialists and beneficiaries in each Intervention Area.

The projects and objectives organised into the 8 Intervention Areas were all formulated under the guidance of AAD and AMRIA, with contributions from local and regional development bodies.
Significantly, the projects presented in each Intervention Area have concrete, focused characteristics, and results indicators with clearly measurable objectives. The projects have been designed to bring the various intervenients together, to make maximum possible use of common strands of investment and to integrate and articulate the more diverse initiatives.

Articulation with the National Information Society Plan has been an underlying concern in measuring the success of the Aveiro Digital Programme 2003-2006. To this end, the objectives put forward in each Intervention Area are based not only on sector-specific critical upgrading and modernisation targets, but also on the national objectives set out in the POSI Main Strand: Portugal Digital.